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Success is not a gift - Learn, Research, Plan and most of all to what we do or to do!
Web Design

Our heart beats for high-quality, unique and valuable design, which is well received and enthusiastic everywhere. We grow with our tasks and the projects grow with them.


Native developers who never stop, never losing sight of the demands of the ever growing web. Forethinking development is not magic for us.

Corporate Identity

Sustainable brand design or consideration of intellectual property rights and media scalability. Excellent branding creates competitive advantages and secures the recognition value.

SEO Marketing

Modern SEO practices are the fuel after the launch of all projects. Rich Technologys and semantic solutions are milestones in SEO, A mature SEO technology is the vision for every marketing strategy.


The Internet is constantly being reinvented and is growing into a network of complex structures, which always offer new possibilities. We invent and integrate new ways of development and are always open to change.


With over 30 years of experience in research with EU and international projects, no topic is too complex for us. Complex requirements call for a smart, collaborative and contemporary solution.


By combining various innovative approaches, a new quality of access and use of knowledge and services in the context of Web 3.0, the Internet of Services becomes possible.

GI offers state-of-the-art software development for companies on fair terms. Our portfolio ranges from enterprise CMS to intranet portals, individual development and augmented reality apps. We focus on system-independent and sustainable technologies and applications.



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